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Enable Personal Devices

Give users access to resources on their personal devices regardless of OEM.

Support a wide array of device manufacturers including Amazon, Asus, Barnes and Noble Nook, Google, HTC, Intel, Kyocera, Lenovo, LG, Motorola, Nexus, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony
Configure policies such as email, Wi-Fi and per-app VPN for seamless device connectivity to corporate resources from anywhere
Deploy a work profile to create a dedicated space for only work apps away from the personal side of the device
Differentiate work apps from personal apps with the badged icon and receive separate notifications
Provide transparency and peace of mind for users that their personal data is kept private and separate from the work data that’s visible to IT

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Secure Work Managed Devices

Prevent loss of critical work data on corporate devices.

Get up and running with intuitive user registration flows and device bulk enrollment methods
Secure data by deploying a work managed device or the Samsung Knox Workspace for a dedicated corporate device without access to personal content
Enforce complex passcodes and device encryption, configure firewall rules and deploy certificates for secure authentication into email, Wi-Fi and VPN
Set restrictions for device features, including: screen capture, camera, Bluetooth, copy and paste, factory reset, NFC and more
Enable app-level VPN access to only select resources within the data center using the micro-segmentation capabilities of VMware NSX
Detect rooted devices automatically and configure actions and escalations to remediate device compliance

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Adopt Purpose-Built Solutions

Drive innovation and optimize processes in the workplace.

Enable workers and improve workflows with tablets, smartphones, ruggedized devices and wearables
Manage and provision Bluebird, Cube, Getac, Honeywell, HP, Intermec, Lenovo, Mediawave, Panasonic, Sonim and Zebra devices by leveraging the OEM Service Kit for extended Android management capabilities
Configure AirWatch Launcher to lock a device into a single or multi-app kiosk, prevent access to settings and customize device layout and branding
Gain visibility using real-time dashboards and leverage remote control and management for easy over-the-air troubleshooting

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  1. Enable Personal Devices
  2. Secure Work Managed Devices
  3. Adopt Purpose-Built Solutions
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