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The VMware AirWatch Developer Enablement Program provides app developers with the tools to easily secure and configure apps for the enterprise using the frameworks your developers already know. Whether you’re looking for enterprise-level security, data loss prevention (DLP), network connectivity, single sign-on, or something else, the capabilities available in our Developer Enablement Program are flexible to meet your needs.

The Developer Enablement Program consists of three frameworks: the VMware AirWatch Software Development Kit (SDK), VMware AirWatch Mobile Device Management following AppConfig Community documentation and VMware AirWatch App Wrapping.


AirWatch Mobile Application Developer Guide

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The Frameworks

AirWatch Software Development Kit (SDK)

Add advanced security and management capabilities during initial app development.

  • Flexible, granular solution providing advanced security and configurations
  • Development effort required
  • Available for internal and external apps


Standard for enterprise apps to interpret configurations and policies.

  • Leverages native iOS and Android APIs to configure and secure apps
  • Quick implementation with low development effort
  • Available for internal and external apps
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AirWatch App

Add security and management capabilities to already developed applications.

  • Provides a sub-set of SDK functionality for internally-built apps
  • Quick implementation with low development effort
  • Available for internal apps
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